When you need information regarding any aspect of family law, please consider scheduling an initial consultation. Knowing how the law applies to your specific case will provide you with the appropriate direction that you need in what can be a difficult time.

Here is a helpful blog post:  I have a consultation scheduled with an attorney - what should I expect?

If you are considering a consultation . . .

Interested clients call my office (215-731-1400) for a brief telephone consultation wherein we discuss the parties involved and the basic issues. At this time, I will be able to check for any potential conflicts so you will need to provide your name and the other party's name, as well as your county and other basic information.

 How long is the initial consultation?

These meetings usually take between one and two hours, depending on the complexity of the case.

Is there a fee?

I do not offer free consultations.  My initial consultation fee is $295.

 Information you should begin to gather . . .

The more detailed information you can provide, the more specific advice I can provide. That being said, some people just do not have access to all of the necessary information for a variety of reasons (e.g. their spouse took care of the finances, their spouse is secretive, the other party refuses to provide it, you do not want to alert the other party that you are looking into these matters). If you do not have documentation - do not worry about it. We can get it later.  If you can bring documents, here is a general checklist.


Marriage Certificate

Any Court Documents You Have Received (Divorce Complaint, Letter from an Attorney, etc.)

Recent Paystubs for you and your spouse

Recent Tax Returns (at least two years)

Information on your house (mortgage statement, value of house, real estate tax bill, etc.)

Automobile Information (how is it titled, how much is owed, how much is the payment)

Bank and Investment Statements

Retirement Account/Pension Plan Statements

List of Valuable Personal Property (jewelry, artwork, collections)

Vacation Homes

Credit Card Statements

Personal Loan Statements

Student Loan Statements

Written Agreements between you and your Spouse

Insurance Information: Health, Life, Automobile

Picture of opposing party if service of process will be an issue

Support Cases

Recent Paystubs for you and the other party

Tax Returns (preferably for the previous two years)

Health Insurance Information

Extraordinary Expenses: tuition, daycare, camp, extracurricular activities

Custody Cases

Work Schedules

Distances between various points: school-work-daycare-homes

Children’s Schedules (activities, etc.)

Your preferred custody schedule

Holidays celebrated

Cases Where There Have Already Been Court Proceedings

All court documents/orders/pleadings


A Printout of All Docket Entries - This can be obtained at the clerk's office.

Tax Cases

Correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service and Income Tax Returns

Civil or Business Litigation

Depends on the nature of the case.

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