Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten year marriage, 17 plus year divorce

Two law professors in Ohio have been litigating their divorce for 17 years . . . yet they were only married for ten.  Read about the case here and here.  The courts blame the litigants.  The litigants blame the courts.  The children, who are now 17 and 20, have never known anything other than parents in the midst of a divorce.  Shame and blame to everyone involved.


jw said...

ive been in a 13 year marriage and going on 8 yr divorce. the decree has been granted yet the other party wont move on. ive filed numerous attempts but they get sent back because of being the wrong papers. can you tell me what paper is used to request a master conference to finalize? I live 125 miles from the law library in bucks county and the wife is in bucks.

Linda A. Kerns said...

Thank you for your interest in my blog. It is intended for general advice only. If you need specific advice, please call my office for a consultation. www.lindakernslaw.com