Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Think before you post. Better yet - Do not post at all!

Facebook and other social networking sites cause havoc in many custody and family law cases.  I tell my clients to be very careful about what they post but I would prefer that they not have any type of a personal internet presence.  The lure of spreading the minutiae of their lives tends to overwhelm people, however, and they give in to the temptation.  People consider no thought, feeling or opinion too trivial or too dangerous for spreading to the world.  However, before you push SEND, think about the potential consequences.

That send button can be dangerous!

In a recent New York case, a court took away custody of a Mother's children as a direct result of her Facebook postings.  You can read the case here.

Rule to live by:  DO NOT POST AT ALL.  If you must post, and for some reason, people cannot stay away from the internet - even if their case depends on it, only press send if what you post is something that you would want the judge and your grandmother to read.  Of course, this does not mean to use Facebook as your own personal public relations site -- that can also backfire and you can be viewed as someone oblivious to the privacy concerns of children and your family.

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