Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Helpful Tip Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and every Tuesday we like to post a tip that will help you to handle your legal issues.

Back to School Time

Teachers, books, school supplies, bus and class schedules, activities and sports . . . Help your children approach this school year eager to learn and participate fully in their educational experience. Children of divorced and separated parents deal with issues other than the new school year, and you can help your children adjust by following some or all of these tips:

(1) Learn the school's website and system for notifying parents. If possible, ask that all notices be sent to you and the other parent -- so that you keep on top of all that is happening.

(2) Establish routines with the other parent --- try to make sure the children have a consistent bedtime and routine at both houses. This should help them adjust more easily to going back and forth.

(3) To the extent that you can afford it, have duplicates of their essentials --- so that they do not have to carry as much back and forth between parents' houses.

(4) Get in touch with your children's teachers at the beginning of the year and establish a rapport.

(5) Cooperate with the other parent and your children with regard to their homework, long term projects and general study schedule.

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