Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look at this as a new beginning, rather than a bitter end

Divorce, even in amicable cases, can be hell. A marriage is ending. A family breaks up. If the divorce includes custody and support issues of children, their lives become upended.

Sometimes, rather than focusing on the bad, turn the energy into focusing on the positives. After all, the implosion of the marriage usually indicates that it was not necessarily a happy one. So, look forward to a new beginning, a new life and what you can change and make better.

Click here for an excellent article from on titled 10 Ways to Embrace Change. The tips range from comforting (mother yourself a little) to practical (be skeptical of common wisdom). Remember, even though divorce can be a toxic, anxiety-ridden time, you may be able to make it just a little easier on yourself, and those around you.