Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pennsylvania Child Support Estimator (NOT CALCULATOR!)

Many frantic clients call and request a quick, down and dirty estimate:

"How much child support will I pay (or receive)?"

That question is impossible to answer without comprehensive information regarding the case, including: income (or earning capacity) of both parents, custody schedule and extraordinary expenses like tuition or daycare. Additionally, decisions regarding child support can vary from county to county and even from master to master, or judge to judge.

Attempting to estimate child support without all of the proper information can be extremely misleading - and subject a party to disappointment.

Child support calculators, without guidance from an experienced practitioner, can be virtually useless -- because if you do not enter accurate information into the calculator, you will not receive accurate results. The old adage: GARBAGE IN- GARBAGE OUT applies.

That said, the Pennsylvania child support website has posted a child support estimator. You may wish to attempt to calculate a child support obligation using the calculator. However, be aware that this estimator could vary wildly from the actual results you receive in court.

Click on the links below:




Again, BEWARE. The actual child support you pay or receive could vary wildly from your results on this estimator. As with virtually all legal issues, consult with a local attorney familiar with this area of the law.

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