Thursday, May 01, 2008

Supervised Visitation

In some circumstances, the court decides (or the parties agree) that one of the parents should not have partial custody or visitation with a child unless that time is supervised by another adult.

Obviously, the court must be convinced that supervised visitation is warranted and the court does not grant this relief lightly. Some compelling reasons must exist.

Once the court orders supervised visitation, the next step is to decide who will supervise. Sometimes, the court can order a family member or trusted friend to supervise. If no one is available, or the court feels that more supervision is needed, in Philadelphia County, visitation could take place at the court nursery at 1801 Vine Street. The visits in the court nursery are usually limited to Sundays and in order to keep everything organized, there are strict rules regarding times, drop-offs and pick-ups and what is allowed in the nursery.

For those outside of Philadelphia County, or for those for whom the court nursery at 1801 Vine Street is not convenient for one reason or another, there are not many alternatives. Some parents use services at a church for supervised visitation. An organization called "Kids First" has begun offering some services in the Pennsylvania area. You can learn more about this organization at There is a cost to using Kids First but it appears that this organization offers more flexibility than being limited to one meeting place or time.

If you feel supervised visitation in your case is warranted, you should first consult with an attorney, familiar with family law practice in your area, to determine what kinds of factors the court considers in ordering supervised visitation. Then be ready to present ideas to the court as to how the supervision will be provided.


Anonymous said...

what can we do about a father "mentally" abusing a child DURING SUPERVISED visit, down town at the Vine location? It was reported by mother who heard fathers remark in front of child and no one cared when reported?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here are some facts;

My daughter alleged that her father sexually assaulted her.
She had been suicidal since 2008 when we think this happened.

When she was at the only supervised visit after she disclosed the sexual assault, she texted me at 11:37 am saying that she wanted to come home, and she wanted me to help her, Kids First forced her to stay.

They forced her to interact with a man who she says sexually assaulted her.

She began to write in her journal, "suicidal topics" and the papers were confiscated by Ronnie (Sharrona?) and she told me that she told my 12 year old daughter that it was "inappropriate" and that if she wanted to go to the hospital she would take her, but they would stick needles in her and it would be painful. My daughter was coerced into staying with her alleged abuser.

These people are real winners, It should be called "Money First" not "Kids First"

These people, in my opinion, are not equipped to handle high conflict cases. They are unprofessional and the supervisor ,Chip, screamed at me and refuses to give my daughter's belongings back to her. They were to make copies and mail me the originals. They lied to both me and my daughter.

I wouldn't let them supervise two snails on a sidewalk.

I feel bad for you if you have these people supervise you children... are they even licensed in the state of PA?
I don't see a license on the PA state website.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Judge Ellen Koblitz of Bergen County NJ doesn't need any reason to order Supervised Visits, other than her bigotry against Male Parents. She's a feminist Harvard Elitist. She lives somewhere in Northern New Jersey.