Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Online Dating - Verify That Info!

As a divorce lawyer, more often than not, my clients send me their estranged spouse’s online dating profiles. In many cases, I am struck by the completely false descriptions that people provide on these sites. When I say false, I am not referring to subjective terms such as likes and dislikes or descriptions of personalities. More often than not, the profiles I see in some of my bitter cases contain simply untrue information.

By way of example, I have one case where the other party is steadily unemployed, has accrued over $80,000 in credit card debt, lost custody of his children and the divorce is still pending, which means he is, technically, still married. In his profile, however, he lists his income as over $175,000, with two children living at home. Under occupation, he describes himself as self-employed. Perhaps he is creating a snapshot of the person he would like to be. In another case, the person was persistently unemployed, fighting to stop the divorce every step of the way, yet advertising on a dating site as single, successful and available.

By the same token, I have viewed profiles that were 100% accurate portrayals. Accordingly, I am sure misinformation is not universal to divorced or separated individuals. However, these anecdotes demonstrate that sometimes people are simply not truthful. Therefore, if you are venturing into online dating, do not take the information placed on a profile at face value.

On the other hand, the positive benefit of online dating after a divorce might outweigh the occasional inconvenience of sifting through the spread of misinformation. Sometimes, a big part of a successful divorce is moving out and moving on. A new relationship may be just the ticket to make a divorce slightly less painful.

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